Felix Doolittle bookmarksI still have fond memories of certain bookmarks I had when I was young. I remember loving to return to a book, not just because I was eager to get back into the story I was reading, but also because I couldn’t wait to peek at the special bookmark holding my place.

I think it might have taken me a little longer to make it to the
reading stage if I’d had the beautiful illustrated
from Felix Doolittle. Designed to present a “story within a
story” if you will, these gorgeous bookmark sets will take any reader
on a journey into another world.

Whether it’s the adventures of a playful cat and mouse, a parade of horses, or the fascinating underground world of sweet little woodland
creatures living by a pond, I like that these beautiful sets of bookmarks have a
magical allure that will appeal to a young reader’s imagination before she’s even cracked a page. –Stephanie

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