It should always be a joy to do a little online shopping, especially when you’re hoping to see your money do a little good in the world. That’s why Jedidiah is so nice. Every one of their lovely adult shirts and accessories you buy contributes to a worthy cause.

This season, a portion of all proceeds from sales goes to StandUp for Kids to help
homeless teenagers and at-risk youth. Jedidiah recently raised over
$24,000 for their previous charity, Amor, including building two houses
and stocking a food pantry in Tijuana–so this is serious business.

What do I love from Jedediah’s Holiday 2011 line? That Traveler shirt, for sure. Also the Jaxson v-neck is a keeper, as is that manly Anchors Aweigh tee. These are gorgeous, soft tees at prices you would pay even before charity was involved. 

As the Wander shirt reminds us, not all who wander are lost. That’s why I keep wandering around the Jedidiah site, thinking about holiday gifting and wandering which shirts would look awesome on my husband. Shh. Don’t tell him.~Delilah
Check out t-shirts, jackets, hats, and accessories at Jedidiah that help support great charitable causes.

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