Personalized art prints for kids
Just when I thought I’d run out of original gift ideas, I came across an illustrator who will draw a ridiculously cute picture of your kid along with his or her favorite possession. There’s literally no kid’s room that these illustrations wouldn’t look good in.

The talented illustrator behind Unless Someone Like
does custom
kids’ art prints
that feature a cherubic likeness of your child
along with their name. What you do is send her details like your child’s
name, hair color and item they love.

She uses “archival pigment
print” which in layman’s terms means it’s acid-free, light-safe and will
last over 100 years in the frame without fading. Each print is the size
of a record album cover (remember those?).

As much as I’d like
to give this print to a deserving mom friend, I can’t help but cover it
for myself. My older son is obsessed with his guitar and I can’t help
but think how cute it would be to have a personalized drawing of him toting around his
little red axe. -Melissa

Shop for a personalized illustration
at Unless
Someone Like You on Etsy
. From now through December 31, prints are
$75, $20 off the regular price. Little kids won’t know the difference if it comes after Christmas, ha.

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