Charlie Brown Christmas
Every year I realize I’ve
missed 99% of my favorite children’s holiday shows (sorry Charlie Brown!) because I’m preoccupied with the 1000 other things I have to do before
Christmas morning. 

Thankfully, one of my all time
favorite Christmas shows is now also an iPhone and iPad app that is
available any ol’ time. Like…right now!

A Charlie Brown
takes the beloved story from 1965 and uses 2011
technology to add a layer of interactive fun to the story. I love, love,
love that the original story is here so that my kids and I can page
through each scene and hear the same dialog as we’d hear in the TV

And Peter Robbins, the original voice of
Charlie Brown, narrates this interactive storybook which isn’t
something your kids will notice, but I thought lent a real layer of
authenticity to this app. 
The first screen
shows a 45 playing the iconic Christmas Time is Here complete
with the snap, crackle and pop of the record. Keep going inside and
you’ll see that no detail was forgotten: Pig Pen still makes a cloud of
dust when he moves, Lucy is still dispensing “advice”, and Snoopy is
still the cutest dog on the planet.
is pretty self-explanatory, though young kids will need some help
scrolling through the dialog pages along the bottom so they don’t miss
anything. As kids tap the pages, they’ll unlock special ornaments, and
you can even play a little piano tune or leave messy paint marks

And unlike any of those awful follow-up shows to
the classics (Frosty Returns? I’m looking at you), I’m so happy this app
stays very true to the sweet, poignant, and joyful original.-Christina

Loud Crow’s A Charlie
Brown Christmas app
is on sale for only $.99 at iTunes.

For more fun holiday apps for kids, check out Cool Mom Tech! We have more coming through the weekend.


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