Healthy snacks for kids (and you!)If you’re anything like me, your diet consists of the meal you’ve made for yourself and then all the leftovers you nibble off your kids’ plates while you clean up the dishes. So if your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier and be a little more mindful of the things that end up in your mouth, chances are starting with your kids’ plates is a good to place to begin. And don’t we all want to see changes not only for ourselves but for our whole family? 

 Since a handful of almonds and a square of cheddar cheese can get boring pretty quickly, here are some fresh ideas to kickstart a new year of healthy, homemade snacking for your whole family:

What to Expect website has compiled a list of 23 Toddler-friendly
healthy snacks. Beyond Ants on a Log, the list is full of do-able
ideas my kids would actually devour. 
Healthy snacks: apple slices with peanut butter and chocolate
visual collection of 20 snack ideas from Keep Your Diet Real has great
choices that will earn you points for both flavor and presentation. My
favorite by far–the cored apple slices coated with peanut butter, trail
mix and dark chocolate chips. 

Healthy snacks: rainbow fruit skewers
This snack on a stick immediately gave me flashbacks to the 90s flick Mermaid
with Cher and the bite-sized meals on toothpicks (cheeseball
pick-me-ups and marshmallow kebabs, anyone?) that she served up for her
kids. I’m pretty sure if I could put almost anything on a stick and my
kids would be excited to try it.
first glance this list of snacks may seem pretty traditional, but keep reading.
Toss a few redhots in your stovetop-popped popcorn for color and spice,
or bake up a box of brownies with a can of pureed black beans! I can’t vouch for the results, but this
isn’t your average collection of after school snacks.
Healthy snacks: Homemade granola bars
just hope these bars taste as good as they look because I’m all over
this recipe this weekend for either chocolate chip or peanut butter granola bars. And The Marathon Mom also includes a great
list of pantry staples she always has on hand for kid-snacking.
As always, Pinterest
has great collections of kid-friendly snack ideas. My own personal
pointer? Print out a few of these lists and tape them inside your
cupboard doors or post them on your fridge. Hopefully having a little
snack inspiration on-hand will help combat those late-afternoon, empty
stomach, no will-power moments. -Molly