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We know a ton of our readers are small business owners, just like we are. And we know first hand how confusing all the legalese can be when you’re getting established. I’ve badgered accountant friends for info and lawyer friends have helped me distinguish an LLC from an INC from a DBA. Or at least enough to know which one to use.

There’s that one big online site out there for legal help, but we’ve found out that “help” may come with a lot of (big) hidden costs. So I’m glad to see a new site made especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs so they can get up and running.

Whether you’ve always had a mind to start your own business, or you’re already on your way and need to tie up
a few loose ends, you’ll want to head straight to LegalZeal. This brand new,
amazingly handy website was founded by a new mom with a law background, who wanted to help other people with her expertise. Especially women.

Simply decide what type of
business model works best for your business idea, whether it’s a LLC,
a corporation, or even a Non-Profit, and LegalZeal will prepare all the paperwork that you need to get your business up and

The best part: The document preparation starts at just $95 plus any state fees. This means you can spend more of your money on your
actual business. Go figure. -Kristen

Get more information about the LegalZeal services on their website


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