My Beastly Book of Silly ThingsOpen ended coloring books are simply divine. They give children (and adults–I admit, I love to color!) just enough of a prompt to get things going. The finished pages from your kids are pure magic.

In the case of My Beastly Book of Silly Things: 150 ways to doodle, scribble, color and draw, the pages keep getting more and more awesome.  Draw owners that look like their dogs, a boy and his boogers, and more, more, more. This is not your ordinary coloring book. 

Author/illustrator Vincent Boudgourd has such a unique style that is
equal parts imagination and whimsy. Lines are unfinished and doodles are
incomplete, but that is all part of the fun. It’s as if we are handed
someone’s storyboard and given full reign to go to town and make
it our own.

The result? Lots of giggles and a great way to keep kids
occupied at the doctor’s office, sister’s soccer practice, on an
airplane, and even while cooking dinner.

I must
admit, I’ve snuck some doodles in myself while the little guys were
out. It’s really that fun. And I’m not too proud to admit that I found
it quite relaxing and therapeutic. Who knew? -Eva
My Beastly Book of Silly Things is available at independent bookstores, or online from our affiliate, Amazon.