Handknit Infinity ScarfI’m completely obsessed with infinity scarves after accidentally purchasing one on sale at the Gap (don’t ask) and I can’t stop wearing it. The tail-less scarf is soooo comfy and warm, and my favorite part: no annoying tassles for my toddler to pull.

Since then, I’ve been combing Etsy to find another, and that’s how I landed upon Louise Dungate’s beautiful handmade scarves.

I ended up purchasing her chunky infinity scarf or Supersnood,
which is exactly what you might imagine it would be — super thick and
super long, which means you can wear it a myriad ways. Made from a high
quality merino wool (in the rich plum, if you’re curious), I love mine wrapped a few times so it’s higher up
around my neck, but I’ll also wear it wrapped twice so it’s more like a
big, cozy necklace.

Unless you buy from her in-stock pieces, everything is handknit to order
and shipped from England, so it will take a bit of time to get to you; though not as long as I had expected. And in
plenty of time to keep you warm for the rest of winter. -Kristen

Purchase a supersnood handknit infinity scarf at Louise Dungate on Etsy.