MAQET custom art toys
I have a serious addiction. I love art toys. The first thing everyone always tells me is “adult toys, really?” No, no, friends. Art! I dig the whimsical designs, the variety, and the limited editions. My kids dig ’em too, so it’s win, win.

Up until now, the options for creating your own art toys were quite limited. This new design company, MAQET, takes the fun to an entirely new dimension and it’s beyond awesome.

the deal. You choose a model ranging from a catgirl to a ninja, and
then you go wild. The computer program is super easy to use, and there
are so many ways to customize your toy. You choose your colors, special
designs, and pose. Then you can take a look at the finished product
before you order it and choose a size. There are two sizes, and the
price is quite affordable to boot.

Once you have
chosen your toy, the MAQET factory will create your figurine out of
plastin, which is eco-friendly and a great way to display your
creativity. When it arrives in the mail, you and your kids will be blown
away. It’s your personal bit of inspiration come to life! The only
thing to remember is that plastin is durable, but not unbreakable. These
toys are art pieces after all. Did I mention how much I love art toys?

Order your MAQET figurines at
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