French Bull wall decals at Wallcandy artsFor an awesome kids’ room design quick change, I head straight for removable wall decals, which are such a smart choice for parents like me who have large wall spaces, fickle kids, and no desire to add more holes in my walls.

My latest obsession: The brand new wall stickers from Wallcandy Arts designed by the talented folks at French Bull. And not surprisingly, they are fab.

I’m pretty sure my kids would freak out over the Cupcake Land wall decals,
a Candyland-inspired game that covers your wall in a bright game
“board” that kids can actually play on. Game pieces are included, though
a step stool is not.

The new City wall decals
are equally as awesome, so much so that I’d have a hard time choosing.
Either way, I’m thinking a playroom redesign might be in order. Or at least that one lonely wall.  -Kristen

You can purchase the new French Bull wall decals
at Wallcandy Arts.