rose rubber stampMy four year-old can spend an entire afternoon playing with rubber stamps. And I must admit, I never thought of using them much myself until watching her and seeing some of the results. (She’s good!) So when I came across Mollie Flatley’s Etsy shop packed with the lovely handmade rubber stamps, I was lured right in.

I especially love this triple rose rubber stamp
from Norajane, which would be a perfect way to decorate Valentine’s
cards in a few weeks, but would still be great for weddings, birthday
cards, and anniversaries all year round. There’s a heart doily stamp too, and the Valentine elves (below) kind of slay me.

Valentine's rubber stampsThere
are more than 100 designs, and not just holiday ones. You’ll find
koalas and starfish and vintage designs like skeleton keys and cool
rotary dials. Starting at just $3.50 each, I might even put a bunch of
them together and make that the Valentine’s gift in itself.

Then my kids have no excuse not to make me a thank you note. –Liz

Find lovely handmade rubber stamps for great prices at Norajane.