I’ve seen many a hooded towel in my parenting tenure, but none quite like the new ones from 3 sprouts, which always has a way of ensuring equal rights for all animals when it comes to toddler bathtime.

Yep, that’s a warthog hooded towel. I’m completely smitten with his adorable nose and intimidating tusks. Made from 100% cotton, inside and out, I bet he’d make a welcome addition to any bathroom towel rack. And you moms will appreciate the smart little loop to making hanging up a cinch.

And really, what a perfect way to feed into your little one’s Lion King obsession without overdosing on licensed character stuff. Who said warthogs weren’t cute? -Kristen

You can purchase the warthog hooded towel (along with a bunch of other cool animals–walrus, anyone?) from 3 sprouts or online at arte bebe