There was quite a bit of peacock hype this past week in NYC with the escaped one from Central Park Zoo, and I am fully expecting a summer trend of feather flaunting as a result. If so, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for this new storage box from the masters of cute storage and a CMP regular, 3 Sprouts.

I have personally been eyeing this company’s useful and quirky items for a while now and as I happen to be currently transforming our dining room into a playroom (because that what New Yorkers have to do), it might be time for me to finally indulge.

With this new collection we are given options of kangaroo, dog and the peacock of course, which is good if you are looking for a break from the standard safari and circus animal themes. The boxes measure 13″x13″ and are designed to fit into many of the popular cube cut shelves that populate our playrooms.  Chances are these adorable boxes will be perfect just about anywhere you are hoping to tidy and cuten up. –Stephanie M

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