Build-A-Bot robot wall decals
It’s never been so easy to build your own robot army. All you need is a wall and some imagination. Oh, and these amazing decals.

Our friends at Pop & Lolli have struck wall decal design gold again with the Build-A-Bot set of fabric wall decals. The kit includes everything you need to build a variety of mechanical people, with 47 pieces including heads, glasses, bodies, appendages, and limbs. And they’re big, too, with each robot character topping out at 18 inches to 30 inches.

This a company who won our love not only because of their unique and beautiful designs, but the materials are safe for your kids and safe for the earth, and a portion of each sale goes to providing needy children in South Africa with educational materials and resources. 

So while we love robots for the wall, we definitely love companies with a real heart. ~Delilah
Find the Build-A-Bot fabric wall decals at Pop & Lolli.

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