Thank you, internets, for sometimes making us feel less than fabulous.

When your friends and family use the Facebook to share only their children’s premature accomplishments, their own wildly Photoshopped portraits, and pictures of themselves with your imaginary boyfriend, John Krasinski (ahem, editor Liz!), it’s easy to feel jealous.

But you know what? You’re awesome. And these fantastic prints will remind you exactly how awesome you are.

Seriously, I can’t stop loving the BettyTurbo shop on Etsy. First, there’s the colorful series of Motivational Speakers prints that use old-fashioned boomboxes to tell you how hard you rock. Then there’s a collection of greeting cards that feature some of my all-time favorite characters, such as Spike and Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jayne from Firefly, Captain Kirk, and even Lucas from my favorite 90s movie, Empire Records. If telling me how awesome I am won’t cheer me up, a cheeky word from any of these blokes will do.

I want to see these prints on my wall every morning. I want to mail one to my niece at college. I want to buy a big print of the boombox that says, “Everything is going to be fine. More than fine. Epic.” and hold it up, Say Anything-style, outside the window of my friend whose family is battling the stomach flu. 
And you. You reading this. I want you to know that you are awesome, even if you never get to meet John Krasinski. But I hope you do. Just after I do. ~Delilah
Find motivation and cute boys at the Betty Turbo shop on Etsy. She also makes tea towels, pillows, shirts, and, believe it or not, skeletal versions of popular Joss Whedon characters.

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