If you’re looking for a ridiculously adorable Valentine for your baby too young for sweets, we’ve got just the thing. And it’s not edible. But that doesn’t mean your baby won’t try to eat it.

Created by Joyce Wan, the artist behind Kiwi and PearWe Belong Together a board book with a simple message: sometimes love is as simple as peanut butter and jelly–it’s just meant to be. It’s a soothing message that the youngest children (and their parents) will appreciate.

The board book features sweetly illustrated pairs that go perfectly together like cookies and milk or marshmallows and cocoa, and each page features different textures and bright colors that will keep your baby interested. Even if she’s too young for half of that stuff. –Roxanna

Find We Belong Together from our affiliate Amazon, your local indie bookstore, or purchase a signed copy directly from the artist at WanArt.com.