Total Ellipse of the Heart printOnce upon a time there was bare space on the wall

Now I’m really digging this art.

Let’s go hang it up, this

Total ellipse of the heart!

Math geeks and fans of Bonnie Tyler will dig this Total Ellipse of the Heart print by Michael Paukner from the Design Milk Dairy collection on Society 6. It’s available in four different sizes, all printed on archival-quality 100% cotton rag with advanced digital dry ink. That means it has a much longer shelf-life than Bonnie’s feathered hairstyle.  
For extra points, combine it with one of our favorite mathematical gift picks from the holiday season, your very own original mathematical theorem. After a geeky Valentine like that, your geeky sweetie won’t have to fall apart every now and then.~Delilah
Tell your geeky valentine, “Baby, we can take it to the end of the line” with a Total Ellipse of the Heart print from Society 6.