junior daredevil stroller club onesie
Well okay, we can talk about it. But for those of us not old enough to talk, we can proclaim our affiliation with these new Junior Daredevil Stroller Club onesies.

If your darling bundle of joy is a reincarnation of Evel Kneivel, we’ve found the baby onesie for you from longtime CMP favorite shop Wry Baby. This adorable hipster-cool snapsuit is made of 100% cotton and available in size 0-6M and 6-12M.

As for the second rule of Junior Daredevil Stroller Club? We torment our parents by crawling up the crib slats, rejecting naptime, yearning for ladders, and trying to pull the ears
on large dogs. ~Delilah
Find the Junior Daredevil Snapsuit and other cool baby clothes at WryBaby.

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