We’ve seen plenty of soft books for babies, but none quite like the ones from this Etsy artist. Let’s just say your J Crew catalog may now be safe from that adorable baby stage when your playful little angel mimcs reading magazines just like Mommy–and then destroying them.

Crafter Alison James of Mini Me Papers
was looking for a safe baby paper option to fit her style, Alison came
up with a clever process making protected pages baby can get into
without any worries. The result is a clever baby toy made from found and
recycled newspapers, magazines and other goodies stuffed with crinkly
filling and finished with colorful fabrics and tags.

The fun
part is she really lets you get creative and make your order as specific
as you like. Whether it’s a sports page for daddy’s little star,
cutesie funny pages, a sheet music option, or even a baby friendly Southern Living–whatever you wish, she will create.

I’m thinking the local paper from the baby’s birthdate as a new baby gift. So original and cool. –Stephanie M

Congratulations to Sabrina H, winner of the Mini Me Papers giveaway!.


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