Our love for fab.com is nearing on obsessive (and we all have the credit card bills to prove it). And as if we needed one more reason to love them, today is the launch of their brand new dedicated shop just for kids stuff.

fab.com kids shop

Visit the all new http://fab.com/shops
and you’ll find a different, well-curated specialty boutique each
weekday–with Wednesdays being Kids Day. It starts at 7pm ET (quick, get
the kids fed!) or 4pm PT which means you west coasters better download
the new fab.com iphone app
if that normally cuts into carpool time. The kids shop starts with fun
stuff from Uglydoll, Gro Furniture, Momeni rugs for kids, and Brooklyn
Junior, whose super cute tees we love.

All at up to 70% off, of course.

What’s better is that the sales last a full 7 days, so presumably
they’ll feature fewer of those limited-edition products that tend to go
quickly. So if you’re not on right at the sale start…you’re good.
Perfect for busy parents.

And because mamas cannot live on kids gear alone, you’ll also find a
vintage shop every Monday, fashion on Tuesday, pets on Thursday, and
Foodie Fridays (oohhhhh). Nice touch: You can opt in to emails about any
and all, so if you don’t have a pet or hate good food (what?) you’ll
never have to know about them. –Liz

Visit the new Kids Shops at Fab starting tonight at 7PM ET. If you need an invite code, feel free to use ours.

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