Art prints of real girls for real girls, by Amanda Visell

Forget sugar and spice and everything nice; more and more parents are looking for art that depicts heir daughters the way they are, and not the way they were in Victorian times. 

You may remember our post on the princess who saves herself.
In artist Amanda Visell’s newest print series, she takes on girls who are
completely unafraid to: get dirty, explore, dream big, and be

I really appreciate how Amanda Visell breaks out of the defined gender
molds–not that there’s anything wrong with rainbows and glitter, but
you won’t find them here.

Every time I look at the pieces, I absolutely cannot choose a
favorite. You see, I was
always the only girl on every sports team I every played on. I had a
crazy big GI Joe collection. Looking at the next generation of girls who
can do anything, I feel empowered and inspired to do something amazing
myself. Just because I can. –Eva

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