Ah Goo Baby bibsThe thing about bibs is that they are made to get dirty. So I’ve never really cared much about what they look like. But I just discovered a collection of bibs that blends practical and chic.

The stylish baby bibs from Ah Goo Baby
come with wrap around collars (great for not getting baby’s hair caught
in the closure!) and are made in an array of very cool patterns. I love
the pop-art poppy (pictured) as well as the zoo frenzy featuring a bunch of
animals in a, well, frenzy-like pattern.

Everything we’ve ever seen from this brand is thoughtful and well-made and the bibs are no exception. One of my favorite
aspects is the magnetic closure, which means I can stick
them in the wash with my delicates and not worry about
velcro tearing up everything else in the load. Also, the 100% terry
cloth in the middle is super-absorbent–always a good thing for messy

I plan on keeping one of these bibs in my diaper bag at
all times. It’s the best way to keep my little guy looking cool while
he’s getting applesauce all over himself. -Melissa

Find these very cute baby bibs for $8.50 at AhGooBaby.com.