Stork Poster on Fab
The only way the stork is getting back into my life might be on the wall and with a top hat. And that is not nearly as perverse as it might sound, when you look at these fabulous posters.

This fantastically vintage-looking stork and baby poster from Nashville-based Anderson Design Group is big, easy on the eyes, and not accompanied by soiled diapers and crying. It’s available in blue or pink and printed on 80# archival paper for 18×24 inches of retro-hip goodness–and it’s nearly 1/3 off for the next two days if you’re a member at

It’s one of a series of “fake ad” posters that are fabulous. Check out the lovely prints about big cities and zoo animals–either of which which might be a better choice if you’re as distrustful of that naughty, monocled bird as I am.~Delilah 

Get your stork on with the Anderson Design Group posters at for a limited time.

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