Colorful iPhone chargers!One of our favorite things about tech is that it lets grown-ups play like kids again. From vintage video game kicks to a candy-like rainbow of chargers, here are some of our favorite picks at Cool Mom Tech this week.

1. Our Editor-in-Chief Liz followed up her segment on Martha Stewart with a techie turn on The Today Show. You won’t want to miss her top picks for websites and apps that make life easier!

2. Ditch your white cords for a rainbow of colorful iPhone chargers that keep the kids from stealing yours then claiming they didn’t.

3. One of our fave developers has come up with a must-have new app for kids.

4. Our readers are loving this app which is the fastest way to put the kibosh on texting and driving.

5. We found a cool Pinterest-like site for dudes or the women who shop for them. Just what we needed — more time killers.