Lulu Wrap
I think one of my biggest surprises as a new mom was that the baby was a lot easier to take care of when she was still in my big, bodacious belly. (Ha.) Well, here’s a baby carrier that’s the next best thing.

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The Lulu Wrap by ellemnop is a wrap-style baby carrier that I find especially awesome for brand new babies–and brand new mommies. At first, it simply looks like over five yards of soft, stretchy fabric. But with just a little practice, you and baby will both find that life on the other side of the belly can be just as cozy.

The Lulu Wrap is one of the lighter wraps I’ve tested; it’s narrow, stretchy, and breathable. Which is a great thing when you have a new, small baby and are worried about overheating or getting lost in wads of fabric. Once baby is wrapped up (and they have great baby wearing tutorials and videos to help you get over the learning curve) the carrier is truly hands-free, which means it’s fabulous for catching up on chores or going shopping with older siblings, not to mention nursing and napping.

And since it’s a wrap, that means that it will fit a wide variety of caretakers, so Dad and Grandma and a teen sibling can all carry the baby happily while you get a much-deserved break.

One of the things I like most about the Lulu Wrap is the hip, modern selection of colors specially chosen by owner Elle. From the basics like black and heather gray to rich tones of rust, eggplant, and deep teal, the fabrics feel smooth and luxurious. I received a sample of the rayon-spandex blend Rust, and let me tell you, I want to roll myself up in the whole thing like a caterpillar and take a nap, it’s so silky soft.

Also, the carriers are made in the USA and priced competitively for an indie, locally made brand at $50 with free shipping.

The only caveat? Wrap carriers, in my experience, have a shelf life of three months. After that, baby doubles in weight, mom needs more structure and breathing room, and a wrap carrier like this starts to pull on the shoulders and get sweaty for both parties. But don’t let that stop you– those first three months are when you (and baby) need comfort and flexibility the most, and Lulu Wrap could be your salvation.~Delilah
Find Lulu Wrap baby carriers at ellemnop. 
Congratulations to Kate S and Karin M, winners of a Lulu wrap! 

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