Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny kids' drawing and coloring bookA little bit Shel Silverstein, a little bit Mo Willems, a little bit Seuss, a little bit Lemony Snicket, and a little bit Taro Gomi. If those names–especially together–sound like your idea of heaven on paper, then you’re going to love this awesome new coloring book for kids from Calef Brown.

Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny (yes, Gatorbunny is one thing, not two) has the subhead Pick one, draw it, make it funny! and that should give you a good sense of why your kids will never want to put it down.

This wonderfully imaginative book from the illustrator of my girls’ beloved His Shoes Were Far Too Tight
is a coloring book with lots of room–both mentally and literally–for creativity. It opens with a kind request from the
author (who is a cat, evidently) to finish some drawings because he
“forgets” to do it himself sometimes.

Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny book for kids

A page might offer a group of illustrated cats without faces (or top
hats, or Japanese parasols for that matter); a bunch of wacky humans
with “preposterous proboscis” (a.k.a. “saxophone nose”); or a
triple-headed giraffe with the prompt, “what other creatures make you
laugh?” And then there are plenty of blank pages so you can make up your own bespectacled fish or alligator cowboys
or really, whatever comes to mind.

I can’t think of a kid who won’t fall in love with this book instantly.
Oh, and did I mention the stickers? Yep. There are stickers too. I think
we’ve got our next long plane ride well covered. –Liz

Find Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny by Calef Brown from our affiliate Amazon, or your local indie bookstore.