Kazam Balance Bike
If you are looking for a balance bike for your eager-to-ride toddler or preschooler, get ready to weigh your options because in the past, we’ve found great eco friendly balance bikes made of birch and ones made in a lightweight, long-lasting composite resin. There is even this cool balance bike that grows with your child. 
And now, to make your choice a little more difficult, I discovered a balance bike at Toy Fair this year that has a nifty feature for little cruisers: A foot rest.

The no-slip, flat foot rest on the KaZAM Balance Bike is one feature that I like very much as someone whose kids love to zoom down any slope at all. It makes sense that by having their feet tucked up on the foot rest, they are learning how to balance their body over the bike. And once they graduate to a bike with pedals, they’ll be familiar with the feeling of having their feet up and away from the ground.
Made of lightweight metal, I can still easily carry it down the street to a friend’s house. And you city dwellers can pick it up if the sidewalk gets too crowded. 
Another thing I know my kids would love about the KaZAM Balance Bike is that it looks like a regular bike, just minus the pedals. And like a bigger kid’s bike, the KaZAM’s handles and seat can be raised or lowered so you can easily adjust for a sudden growth spurt or pass it down between kids.
And, when they get confident enough to do hills, they’ll know to pick up their feet and not drag them along beside them, wearing down the soles of those adorable See Kai Run sneakers you just bought for spring. –Christina

KaZAM Balance Bikes are available in five colors from their website and our affiliate Amazon.  Available in limited quantities, but with free shipping, at Moolka.

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