The Aquabats Super ShowThe minds behind Yo Gabba Gabba! are not content to settle with one successful kids show. In fact, they have just hooked themselves a certain daughter I know with a brand-new show–and some truly awesome rock music. And I’m betting a lot of other daughters and sons will be hooked when this new show premieres today.

“The Aquabats! Super Show!”
(I bow down to the generous-yet-not-totally-annoying use of exclamation points)
focuses on a band of crime-fighting musicians who are on a mission to
vanquish evil using the power of rock ‘n’ roll.
totally comical and campy in a way that even kids seem to understand: a
mix of live-action fun, cartoon interludes, and–of course–seriously
great rock music. The Aquabats are, after all, a real band–they just
happen to be hilarious superheroes, too.
you’re worried about villains and violence (I was, too), don’t–the
monsters and villains are really pretty silly–think Star Trek’s tribbles.
daughter really likes the show, and I loved watching it with her. Her
one criticism came in the form of this question: “Why are there no girls
in this?” And I’d like to know too.

But then she ran upstairs to her room and donned her own
crime-fighting costume, which included a safari hat, a violin, and a
sparkly bracelet. And anything that inspires her to be her own superhero
is okay by me. -Lexi