Flower Empowered Floral Design Kit

Artfully arranged flowers are one of life’s most fleeting luxuries. Since I’m not an heiress, I pick up flowers at Trader Joe’s or the grocery store when I do my weekly shopping — the flowers are inexpensive, and a flower’s a flower right?

The only problem is that when I get home with a bunch of flowers I have no idea what to do with them. So I plop them in a vase (as artfully as possible of course) and wonder why they never look as nice as professionally arranged flowers.
Now they do.

When I learned about the Flower Empowered Floral Design Toolkit
I jumped at the chance to try it. I spent about $10 on tulips and
daffodils at the grocery store, and using the clippers, tape, and instructions included
in the kit I created a full arrangement that was beyond anything I’d
ever managed to do on my own. Plus the genius recipe for homemade flower
food kept the water in the vase clear for as long as the flowers lasted
(over a week!).

The mom behind the toolkit believes
that anyone can create gorgeous arrangements; all they need are the
right tools and a little encouragement. I’m here to tell you, she’s
right: If I can do it so can you.–Roxanna

Find the Flower Empowered Floral Design Toolkit online from Flower Empowered