Kids' clothes on sale at Treehouse Tykes
Another members-only flash sale site, you ask? Well, yes. But this one’s got an awesome charity aspect to it, plus the kinds of kids’ brands for up to 70% off, that we’d happily buy at full price.

The new flash sale site, Treehouse Tykes,
not only tempts are wallets by offering CMP favorites like Manny &
Simon and 7 A.M. Enfant, but has a very cool way to shop while doing
major good: 10% of net proceeds will go to the
school or charity of your choosing.

Another way Treehouse Tykes
is different is their “10-10-10” program. Every time you refer a friend,
they reward your friend with a $10 credit. When your friend makes a $50
purchase, you receive your own $10 credit. What goes around comes around!

Each day of the week you’ll find a specific theme:
Mommy and Me Monday, Toddler Tuesday, Wonder Year Wednesday, Tyke to
Teen Thursday and Fabulous Finds Friday–so you can set your calendars
for the day that makes the most sense to you. Or if you’re like me,
every single day of the week always brings an excuse to shop. Epecially
when I know my money is going to a good cause. And I don’t mean decorating. -Melissa

Join Treehouse Tykes
and start shopping. Membership is free! Sign up now and you’ll be
entered to win a $25 shopping credit plus $25 will go to the charity of
your choice.

: There’s no need to provide a referral email; everyone is welcome.


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