Animal Print shop
Ok, say it with me…. Awwww.

A huge pet peeve of mine when it comes to kid décor is the overabundance of safari and other unoriginal animal themes. However, thanks to the new Animal Print shop from animal photographer extraordinaire Sharon Montrose, I’m a convert. Baby animals for your baby’s room? Perfect fit.

Commercial photographer Sharon Montrose blended her passions for
photography and animals, becoming the go-to pro for animal
photography and we can see why. Her new publicly available series the Little Darlings are incredible individual intimate close ups of baby lions, tigers, bears and a variety of other cutie pies.

Your kids are sure to go ape over them.
So go ahead and let these cute, cute, little creatures climb your walls. And don’t be afraid to awwww a bit. We’re not. –Stephanie M

Go wild and see the full Little Darlings baby animal print collection at The Animal Print Shop

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