Baby food is so much more than mushy goo these days. From ancient grains to carefully selected sweet potatoes, we’re excited to learn about two new lines that cater to developing palates with exciting new textures and tastes.

And brix, which is apparently very important.

Baby Gourmet is a line of baby foods aiming to address more than just nutrition. They focus on freshness, texture, pH, and brix–or natural sweetness. (I didn’t know either, don’t worry.) Our editor Kristen tried them and found them “sweet but not sugary.” Their credentials are impressive, with no added sugar, salt, preservatives, thickeners, or fillers and tasty-looking organic mixtures that replicate adult foods in mushy, squeeze pouch form. 

Along the same lines, our pals at Plum Organics have introduced a new Second Blends Fruit & Grains line of organic squeeze pouches with a focus on ancient grains (ooohhh) carefully blended with complimentary fruits and vegetables. It’s a perfect way to expand baby’s taste buds with amaranth, quinoa, millet, and barley. 

I don’t think I even tried quinoa or a sweet potato until I was in my 30s. Times, they are a changin’.~Delilah
Don’t miss the current deal for Baby Gourmet on Amazon, which save you 35% off with an extra 15% off using Subscribe and Save.  Also find Plum Organics Second Blends Fruit & Grains there, or purchase them in a Babies R Us or Toys R Us store. CMP is an Amazon affiliate.

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