Growing Like a Weed growth chartMy kids favorite pastime is measuring themselves.  Everyday I hear, “Mom, have I grown? Am I taller than Eden?” All this on our handmade growth chart behind our closet door that includes pencil markings. 

The Growing Like a Weed growth chart from Wee Gallery is
the perfect solution for parents and children. Stylish enough for the
parent to be proud to display it and practical enough for the child to
understand how tall they really are. 

Handwritten numbers mark birthdays on the stem, and make it easy for your little one to chart his progress. At least up to 5 ft. in height. And as always, Wee Gallery graphics are made with polypropylene and not PVC.

I think that I have the perfect spot for this growth chart. And it’s not behind our closet door. –Kirsten

Find the Growing Like a Weed growth chart at Wee Gallery.