vittanaToday, is International Women’s Day. And hey, we’re women! Which makes it a pretty big deal to us.

It’s so easy to take for granted that we can live and work in the land of the free, and hard to imagine how women have it in other countries, where education is discouraged and dreams of careers are nothing but.

So I’m so happy to learn about Vittana, an amazing non-profit with a global campaign that we’re happy to help support, especially today.

Vittana has raised over $1.5 million for ambitious students from countries like Bolivia, Peru, Vietnam, Paraguay and
the Philippines who desperately need an education to help change their
lives. But in honor of International Womens Day, Vittana has set a very lofty
goal of funding tuition loans for 100 impoverished female students.

This “micro-loan” campaign allows you to make a donation toward the
education of their featured students for as little as $25. 

And they call it a loan because believe it or not, the students are all
committed to paying back their supporters once they begin work. 

Fund women's education with Vittana micro loans

find this a tremendous initiative on so many levels. For parents, this is
an opportunity to teach your children (especially girls) about how
lucky they are to have the opportunities they do. And of course, it also
gives you and your family to a chance to connect with someone halfway
around the globe in very special and inspiring, and yet very practical

After all, on this very small planet, we women are in this together, aren’t we? –Stephanie M

For more details on Vittana visit their website where you can read the inspiring stories about these students and help support their dreams if you’re able.

And happy International Women’s Day, women of the world!