We can put a man on a moon, but we can’t beat that obnoxious collection of shifty viruses. So how cool that there’s now an all-natural cough drop for kids, in convenient lollipop form.

When we received a bag of LILAPOPS, an all natural cough drop for kids, both of my children instantly began coughing and staggering around in the hopes that I would let them have a taste. I didn’t fall for it. But when the flu struck last week, I’m so glad we were prepared. My sick preschooler now thinks LILAPOPS are the best medicine ever.

The pops were invented by a mom, so the ingredients are simple: honey, marshmallow root, and, well, lollipop. No yucky dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives. I’m not a big fan of sugar, but once my son couldn’t stop coughing, I was glad to find something that helped soothe him.

I tried one myself, because my kids have terrible taste and I knew I couldn’t trust their flavor description of “It tastes kinda purpley.” So here I am, 34 years old, sucking on a LILAPOP. The Grapeberry taste is very subtle, and it somehow doesn’t seem as sticky as a normal sucker. And you know what? Whether it’s the placebo effect or the honey and marshmallow root, my cold is bothering me just a little less.

They can’t cure a cold or bring about world peace. But they’re a nice weapon in your arsenal when fighting illness in kids too young for cough drops. If nothing else, sucking on a LILAPOP makes them happy when they’re feeling their worst, and that’s worth a lot to me.~Delilah
Find LILAPOPS at the LILAPOPS website.

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