DVF for Gap KidsI love having two yummy little boys, really I do. But it’s times like this–when I hear that design icon Diane von Furstenberg is creating a girls-only collection for GapKids and babyGap–that I get a little envious of moms with daughters.

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The DVF + GapKids and babyGap collection hits stores and online today. Not since Stella McCartney’s line
with the retailer has there been such excitement about a collaboration.
And with good reason. The mini-me prints and outfits take you into
cuteness overload.

The iconic designer, who put the wrap dress on the map in the ’70s (and on us moms in uh, 2012), has
created a collection jam packed with adorable leggings, dresses,
blazers, tank tops, jackets, sandals and even swimwear. Many of them
adorned with her signature bold and graphic prints–but suited perfectly for little kids.

dvf for gap kids  dvf for gap kids 

dvf for gap kids  dvf for gap kids

dvf for gap kids  dvf for gap kids

legendary wrap dress is even replicated, in a mini-me version with a
higher waist in cotton for the older girls and comfy jersey for babies
and toddlers. The prices range from $20 for leggings to $30 for tees, and dresses in the $45-$75 range. So not quite designer prices, but more than your typical Gap fare.

who’ve been on the front lines when any star designer debuts a
collection for a chain (see Marni for H & M and Missoni for Target)
know that the early bird gets the worm–or in this case the wrap dress.

Good luck. And be careful out there.  -Melissa

Diane Von Furstenberg’s
DVF + GapKids and babyGap collection launches in stores and online TODAY, March 15.