Apricot Culotte closeout sale
We absolutely hate watching one of our favorite boutiques go… especially when it’s a sweet shop like Apricot Culotte. The one good thing about it is their closeout sale.

We said je t’aime to Apricot Culotte when
we fell in love with its concept: pre-loved baby and kid clothing from
top French designers like La Queue du Chat and Petit Bateau offered at astonishingly low prices.

those prices are even lower: 60% off the entire site. Apricot Culotte
is closing its doors, so every last item of gorgeous French clothing has
got to go.

Sigh. We’ll miss you, Apricot Culotte, but we’ll do our part in wishing you bon chance--now, excuse us as we load our carts with French designs for our little ones. -Lexi

Get 60% off French designer baby clothes at Apricot Culotte in its closeout sale with the code BACK2PARIS

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