sushi touch-and-feel stroller cards
While I wouldn’t recommend handing a baby a spicy tuna roll to keep him entertained in the stroller, I might if it’s made out of cardboard.

The brand new sushi touch-and-feel stroller cards
are beyond adorable (more so than the box would make you think), and comes on a soft stretchy clip-on ring for the stroller

Beyond cuteness, they’ve actually got some developmental benefits for babies. From
crinkly seaweed to smooth shrimp, and squishy salmon, each one features a
tactile little piece like in baby’s favorite touch-and-feel board
books. I even love that the sticky rice (on what looks to be a
California roll) actually has a fun sticky square on it. Just keep it
away from the cat.  –Liz

Find the new sushi touch-and-feel stroller cards online from our affiliate Amazon.

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