Good Karmal!“Creativity takes courage.”

You know who said that?

The wrapper around the piece of caramel I just ate. (And, yeah, Henri Matisse.)

There’s something super sweet about candy that talks back, spreading a positive and uplifting message. And believe me when I say these caramels blow Bazooka Joe right out of the water.

Good Karmal is a brilliant concept combining all-natural, handcrafted caramels with positive quotations that are uplifting and not cloying. I’ve been steadily devouring samples for two days, and I can assure you that I haven’t yet found a duplicate quote or one that made me roll my eyes, and that’s really saying something.

Good Karmal quote candy wrappers
Of course, the quotes are nice, but what about the caramels themselves? Oh, honey. I thought I wasn’t a caramel fan, but I just hadn’t had caramel like this. Buttery, smooth, not sticky, and in a variety of seven yummy flavors. Chocolate Sea Salt is my favorite, but they’re all fantastic. Even the Chipotle one, which scared me a little at first, has just enough bite to be interesting. And if you’re thinking that a previous caramel opponent like myself might not be the best judge, I’ll remind you that Good Karmal is one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Good Karmal caramel candies

The only drawback? They’re pricey, with gift boxes starting at $25.You’re paying for high quality ingredients, recycled or reusable earth-friendly packaging, and beautiful wrappings. The quotations are cleverly attached to the wrappers, which makes for easy clean up when you… um… eat a lot at once.

Good Karmal also lives up to their name by donating a portion of sales to earth-friendly charities. And they’re happy to personalize packages and printed wrappers for corporate functions, weddings, or other special events. How sweet is that? I say, stock up for hostess gifts. Just don’t eat them all yourself on the way. ~Delilah

Good Karmal caramel candies are only available through the Good Karmal website.