Every year, I try to find more eco-friendly alternatives to the ubiquitous plastic Easter eggs. And while I have seen reusable wood eggs and lovely handmade felt ones to fill, they can be pricey if you have to buy more than a few. This year, though, there is finally a real alternative that look just like those plastic eggs, but have a secret ingredient: Corn.

Made here in the USA and started by candy-company owner and mama of two, Christine Lantinen, eco eggs look just like those plastic eggs we’ve hidden in the grass, bushes and trees for years. Only these eggs are totally compostable and made of corn starch.

compostable Easter eggs: eco eggs

Yes, they do cost more than Chinese-made, petroleum-based plastic eggs, but at $30 for 96 eggs, there is plenty for my family’s annual egg hunt at a price that won’t break the bank. Best of all? eco eggs can be opened up to fill year after year, so this isn’t a one-time-use egg at all. Just don’t be such a good hider that you can’t remember where you put them.

You’ll find eco Easter eggs for sale at ecoeggs.com or find them sold in smaller quantities at Natural Candy Store.

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