If you’re participating in the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour tonight at 8:30 PM, in which people around the world will turn out their lights as a show of environmental commitment, you’re in good company. Hundreds of millions of people in about 135 countries are right there with you and it’s even being watched from the International Space Station.

 Here are just a few things you can do for an hour tonight with the lights out:

     -Play a board game
     -Read a book with a flashlight
     -Sit outside and watch the stars
     -Eat by candlelight
     -Check out the Earth Hour twitter feed and see photos of Earth from space–if it’s not cheating to be on your computer.
     -Write an actual letter. You know, on stationery. With a pen.
     -Reenact the final episode of Downton Abbey with finger puppets
     -Make a list with your kids about ways to commit to taking care of the planet
     -Make another baby. Ha.

-Liz + Kristen

Learn More about Earth Hour by visiting their website and finding out ways to get involved.

Also, check out this photo of Aukland, NZ‘s SkyCity Tower going dark, the first city on the planet to reach Earth Hour.

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