hunger games app...for kids?Okay, so clearly at Cool Mom Picks we’re all 14 year-old boys at heart because we love April Fool’s, and we always love calling out some of the greatest April Fool’s jokes spreading across the web every year. Here, a few favorites of 2012 so far:

*a violent Hunger Games app–for kids 6 and up.

*reddit, as it might have looked in the 1960s

*skip hop introduces bacon teethers

*Conan O’Brien buys Mashable

*Google’s new “really advanced search”

*disposable diapers, now with more bling

*think geek’s annual list of “new” products
including electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad (that’s gonna leave a
mark), complete Keurig Cup liquid meals,  and Game of Thrones Fire and
Blood Perfume

*Munchkin is offering GPS-enabled sippy cup lids.

*One.Org celebrity-packed video with predictions for 2012–well, all but one are funny.

*A sony Vaio Ultrabook…the size of a quarter

*Google launches 8-bit maps (bitmaps? Get it?) for NES

Food 54

*Food 52 becomes Food 54 for the day, complete with a witch ball, a BeeGees soundtrack, and a recipe for Disco Fries.

Plus, digging into our own archives, we’re still partial to the breast milk popsicles and our baby concealer stick to insure those perfect newborn photos.