Along with a personal trainer, personal chef and a personal masseuse (oh yeah), I’d love a personal shopper to be on hand for when I need something perfect for myself, or when I need a gift for my kids, a classmate’s birthday party, or my husband for Father’s Day. Well we can’t rub your shoulders. But we can sift through some of our very favorite items and present them to you, nice and neat, so you can just scroll, click, and find that perfect item in a few short minutes.

It’s like Cool Mom Picks is your own shopping concierge!

Starting today, the Cool Mom Picks Shop page offers your own curated best-of-the-best lists culled from some of our
favorite picks.

This week’s collections include some great items for
Easter, the best gifts for a first birthday, and some really stylin’
diaper bags (promise). Keep an eye out for loads of Mother’s Day gifts,
safe sunscreen picks, outdoor toys, and even ways you can spend that fat
tax refund check we hope you get this year.

, since our collections will be updated frequently to reflect the
latest season, holiday, trends, and cool things you tell us you’re looking for. But, if you
need a first birthday gift in six months after the collection has been
taken down, don’t stress: It will all be in our archives.

Now, don’t your shoulders feel looser already? -Liz, Kristen + Christina

Check out our brand-new Shop, with our editors’ picks from among our favorite posts, to make your shopping even easier.


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