Modern personalized address stamps
Ever since my penpal days (I had 31 of them! At the same time!), I’ve loved personalized stamps. I was a preteen, so they were of the unicorn-and-rainbow variety–oh, and penguins. I had way too many penguin stamps.

My tastes–and time–have obviously changed a little in the last 20 years, which is why I’m over the moon about these elegant new custom stamps.

CMP favorite stationer Red Stamp has teamed up with Paper & Ink to create a line or gorgeous,  personalized self-inking stamps. They’re available in 24 different designs, from clean
and contemporary to bold and beautiful. It’s really nice to finally see some tasteful, modern, nicely typeset designs in stamps. Not all of us are fans of big ornate swirly things on our return envelopes.

personalized stamp designs
Red Stamp personalized stampers
the perfect way to put a personalized, lovely stamp on notes,
stationery, and envelopes. There’s also a great one to label your (or your children’s) hardcover books.

I know my now grown-up penpals would
approve–wherever they might be now. -Lexi

Make your mark with a personalized stamp from Red Stamp and Paper & Ink

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