Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on this sharp set of bookends. From Boneshaker to World War Z, you’ve finally got a place to keep your favorite books about how to survive the coming zombiepocalypse. 

Not into zombies? That’s okay, too. This awesome Etsy shop offers cool bookends for book lovers of all stripes.

Handmade and designed from solid steel by Knob Creek Metal Arts, these Zombie Bookends in hammered black cut steel would even be helpful in case of zombie attack. I mean, can you imagine facing the undead with those adorable balloon dog bookends we covered? Um, no. (Not that balloon dogs aren’t awesome in their own, non-zombie killing way.)

If you aren’t into zombies (fine, be that way), you’re still almost certain to find a bookend set that suits your style at Knob Creek. They have the coolest bookends I’ve ever seen, from octopus tentacles to typeography to safari scenes to words with a geek bent, such as NERD or HORROR. But there are bears, horses, and cats, too for the kiddos. Knob Creek really has all the bases covered.
They also do custom work. The word’s still out on whether they’ll sharpen the end of your zombie bookends to a knife-like edge, just in case.~Delilah
Find the Zombie Bookends and loads of other cool bookends and metalwork at Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy.

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