Funny Mother's Day cards: You're my favorite momNot every mom is a flowery, sappy Mothers Day card mom. There are a few of us who can appreciate something with just a little more sass, a little more sense of humor. For them, I’ve tracked down these ten cards that had me smirking, smiling, or flat out laughing.

above: favorite mom so far $4 from 4four


Funny Mother's Day cards: Sorry I swear so much

swear card, $3.25 from michelle brusegaardFunny Mother's Day cards: Motherhood is Beautiful

motherhood is beautiful card, $3 from alternate greetings
(inside: now let me pick that moist cheerio out of your hair so I can say it with a straight face.)

Funny Mother's Day cards: My life would suck without you

my life would suck without you, $3 from letter happy

Funny Mother's Day cards: Thanks for loving me

lady parts card, $4 at wit and whistle. (yeoch!)

Funny Mother's Day cards: Obligatory

obligatory card: the one I will probably get. seriously.  $4 at 4four

Funny Mother's Day cards: You're my very favorite mom

my very favorite mom, $8 from sparrow nest script
(though definitely not for families with two mommies)


Funny Mother's Day Cards: Best Mom Everrrbest mom everrr, $4 at hen pen designs
Funny Mother's Day cards: eye roll

eye roll card, $4 at creativity cards

Funny Mother's Day cards: Madmom

customizable madmom card, by design collective, $2.99 or $1.99 for members at

(of course, you’ll need a Mother’s Day gift too)