AVA the Elephant kids' medicine dispenser
In our household, dealing with kids’ flus and colds is a sticky process. I mean this literally: we are usually well-doused in prescribed medicine before any of it actually ends up inside the child.

It’s not necessarily that the kids don’t want the medicine itself–the stuff tastes like Kool Aid these days–it’s more that the actual procedure is kind of scary for them. 

To Tiffany Krumins, the solution was perfectly clear: make medicine-giving fun. She even went on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to debut her idea: AVA the Elephant, a cute, talking medicine dispenser.
just remove the dropper from AVA’s trunk and fill it with the
prescribed amount of medication. Then you clip it back in, press a
button on the back, and AVA says, “One, two, three… open wide! Good
job!” while you squirt the medicine into your kid’s mouth.
Turns out nothing takes the scare–or the stickiness–out of kids’ medication like a cute $9.99 talking elephant. Magic.  -Lexi

Prepare your medicine-averse kid for the next cold or flu with AVA the Elephant medicine dispenser

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