Hellomellow natural beauty products
A few years back I discovered the lovely, 100% natural beauty and home products from Hellomellow and remain a fan. The products have evolved a bit since then with some pretty new packaging, new scents, and even better, some awesome gift sets just in time for Mother’s Day. But they still remain free of sulphates, parabens, and the other beauty watch-out ingredients.

The Hellomellow gift sets
just for Mother’s Day include from a home spa kit, a mom-to-be kit, and
if you’re up for a $100 gift, a huge “Mellow Mother’s Day” set–which
does not come with a bong, but does come with sprays, scrubs (shown
above), creams, and hand and foot rubs, that will keep a special mom
feeling pampered for a good long time. You can also find sampler sets of a single product in multiple scents, should the mama in your life be addicted to body butters or body oils specifically.

If you’re looking for a smaller little token, I happen to be a fan of the energy shifting sprays
which are just really nice aromatherapy room sprays made from natural
essential oils. It’s helped my kids “keep away the monsters” more than
once. I haven’t tried all nine scents, but I do have a thing for
Rejuvenate, a subtly delicious blend of lavender, lemongrass, and a
Chinese citrus called litsea. I could bathe in it. Or wait, maybe I
will, if I get it in a bath salt. –Liz


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