Babyhome EAT high chairHigh chairs can really be the bane of style aficionados everywhere. Cumbersome, big, and frankly….ugly. Is it too much to ask for a high chair that looks cool, functions well–oh, and doesn’t cost $500?

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The babyhome EAT high chair
is simply sweet. It’s a burst of color (I love the green, although the
orange is spectacular), it rolls on demand, and it does its job with a

There are no hidden corners that cheerios can
find there way into, I thoroughly checked. That doesn’t mean that your
floor will be clean, but still. What’s cool is that the material on the
seat isn’t all scratchy and synthetic, and it can easily be tossed in the washer when that avocado puree makes it look less than new. The aluminum frame is sturdy and substantial looking, but actually light. The whole highchair even folds up for you mamas with small spaces, although, I think you’ll want to show this puppy off if you can.

As for the price, while not big box stores cheap, is very reasonable for modern, functional design. Plus the five-point harness adjusts as your baby gets bigger, so you won’t need to trade up for a new one in four months.

Truly I think the babyhome high chair will fit in with any home decor in a subtle way. It knows how cool it is,
but it doesn’t brag. It’s too busy letting your kid make a mess in
style. –Eva
babyhome EAT high chair is available at our affiliate, Amazon.
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