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I’ve recently gotten to better know Stacey Mayesh, a bona fide stylist to the stars. And a really nice one at that. You’ve no doubt seen her work if you’ve read Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Lucky…and she’s styled the likes of celebs from Jessica Alba to Claire Danes to Susan Sarandon.
Sean Combs has even hired her. (Now that’s a story I’d like to hear about!)

Now, Stacey is working with private clients to help them purge, create, or otherwise rehabilitate their wardrobes and shopping
habits. Kind of like What Not to Wear, only without the public humiliation.

And we’ve got two cool ways you can work with her–one of them at a huge discount, and one of them totally free.

stacey mayesh styling

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While there are lots of
department stores and boutiques that offer free personal shopping services, I think
there’s something something really amazing about hiring a stylist who’s totally
dedicated to you–and won’t be pushing the merch from a single store.

She can help you sort through your existing closet, make better use of
what you already have, get you back into the workforce with style, or
help you reconcile your newly postpartum body with outfits that allow
for support bras underneath.

(Just me?)

stacey mayesh styling
stacey mayesh styling

And hey, a few
hours with a professional stylist could make a totally amazing, really spectacular  Mother’s Day gift, especially for a new mom, or one heading
back to work for the first time in a while.

Happy Mother’s Day mom! Here’s three hours with Cameron Diaz’s stylist!

What I really love about Stacey is that she’s a mom herself, so she gets
our day-to-day needs and knows she’s not dressing us for red carpet
events every night. I can only speak for myself as someone went went back to the
work force after a few years of (ahem) yoga pants; an investment in
a few hours with Stacey would have made a world of difference for me in terms of my confidence, and not just my really bad shoes.

Now obviously this is going to be a splurge, so a personal stylist is not for everyone. I’m thinking more of the professional woman, or anyone whose personal
style plays a big part in their lives. In the end, the investment will save you a lot of time, a lot of money buying clothes that you wear once, and a lot of embarrassment in poorly-lit
fitting rooms.

(Just me again?)

Plus Stacey gets serious designer discounts for her clients, which is always a plus.

stacey mayesh styling

Stacey’s packages start with a 3-hour online shopping session in which she’ll work with you and
take inventory of your needs, before sending you a huge roundup of fantastic links that are custom selected for you. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the full monte,
for you crazy busy working mamas (or Real Housewives of NYC?) who want a full wardrobe overhaul and don’t have even a second to hit the stores.

One other way you can work with her: Stacey is going to be starting an Ask the Stylist column right here at Cool Mom Picks. If you’ve got questions for her–like what shoes to wear with those jeans, how to wear neon without looking like a fashion don’t, or whether you can find a cheaper version of those Jimmy Choos you’ve been eying, just email us at with ASK A STYLIST in the subject. Because her answers are going to be awesome. –Liz

Visit to learn more about Stacey’s services. For more info, packages and rates, contact
her at or call (917) 859-8240.  You don’t even have to be in the NY are

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